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Compare and contrast two insects or animals that are similar, but have different characteristics such as a bumblebee and a yellow jacket or a horse and a mule. Learn more about an artist or composer. Write an essay to a younger sibling explaining two or three key strategies for having a positive 5th-grade experience.

Explain why you would like to get better and list some steps you can take to make it happen. Wild Kingdom. Many students completely miss the mark on what they are supposed to write. Describe your country, its people, and your newfound position of power.

Descriptive Prompts Describe the ideal summer day.

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What is the best thing about getting older? All Hail the King. Do you remember what it was like?

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Directions for Writing: Write a report to be presented to the workshop planning committee in which you make recommendations for the activities and information that should be part of the program to prepare students for high school.

They usually teach the reader something or provide facts about a particular topic. Describe the experience and why it irritated you so much. In response to this problem, the board of education has decided to require that all first year high school students attend an orientation workshop just before school begins.

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Writing Prompts for 5th Gradeers