A report on the book the quiet american by graham greene

A report on the book the quiet american by graham greene

He is a man anguished between doing his duty pursuing Pyle's death and questioning Fowler and doing what is best for the country letting the matter be unsolved. Oh, I am relieved not to have read it before, for now, it enthralled me for the first time. Fowler goes back to Phuong as if nothing had ever happened. He receives a telegram from his wife, who has reconsidered his request and has agreed to go through with the divorce. Pyle has read Harding's numerous books many times and has adopted Harding's thinking as his own. A church full of refugees, a rode with twelve warriors. Our lives might be inconsequential, what are 70 or even 80 years compared with the history of humanity? He had an assistant that was his way of staying distant. I envied those who could believe in a God and I distrusted them. Fowler goes back to Saigon , where he lies to Phuong that his wife will divorce him. Harding's theory is that neither communism nor colonialism are proper in foreign lands like Vietnam , but rather a "Third Force"—usually a combination of traditions—works best.

Always I was afraid of losing happiness. Fowler goes to the city of Phat Diem to cover a battle there. I'm still in love, Pyle, and I'm a wasting asset.

Fowler takes part in a murder plot against Pyle. That night, Pyle visits Fowler at his apartment and asks Phuong to marry him.

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Pyle travels there to tell him that he has been in love with Phuong since the first night he saw her, and that he wants to marry her. This month, next year He first saw her dancing at the Arc-en-Ciel the Rainbowand aftershe moved in with him.

They make a toast to nothing and Pyle leaves the next day. Phuong, will you marry me? He has studied theories of government and society, and is particularly devoted to a scholar named York Harding.

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After receiving a letter from Fowler, his editor decides that he can stay in Indo-China for another year. As they escape, Pyle saves Fowler's life. He tells Phuong about the letter, and then confesses that he has been asked to return to England. Pyle comes to Fowler's residence and they ask Phuong to choose between them. These indigenous auxiliaries simply want to live their lives, but they are doomed by their contact with foreign intrigue. Fowler and Pyle meet again at the Continental. That night, Viet Minh soldiers attack.
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The Quiet American