An overview of the network management tutorial

In a network both data transfer protocols and administration protocols will coexist, sharing resources such as CPU and link bandwidth. When we try to understand a protocol it is important to stop for a moment and think about what angle the protocol proposes or with what angle we want to use it.

what are the different protocols for network management

Control messages: Used to report on the status of devices. Everything was connected—to a more complex design where there are a lot more technologies, such as cloud, wireless, remote users, VPN, IoT, mobile devices, and so on. A protocol or method for transmitting information between the monitored element and the monitoring software.

This organization is achieved through logical containers called namespaces, which are defined by administration area and contain the data that comes from the related objects.

It is therefore interesting to keep in mind that network management protocols also influence the overall performance of the platform.

An overview of the network management tutorial

A class describes the object to be managed and all that can be done with it. These techniques are used for collection of monitoring data from the network.

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Database and their related DBMS are usually run on dedicated servers, referred to as database servers.

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Network Management Protocols: A Guide to Understanding Them