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It generally combines a magical, tragic, funny or highly inspiring story with truly outstanding, world-class writing. On the one hand, nothing is ever set in stone. As the journey unfolds, the second layer of the book is revealed as the author comes to terms with a ghost named Phaedrus, who is his former personality prior to his receiving electroshock therapy, which was the ultimate downward spiral into insanity.

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On the surface, it is the story of a father the author on a motorcycle trip with his year-old son. In some ways the stories are different and, almost deliberately? If your wife died.

If not, maybe they should be. It was an effort and I felt pained by the sadness at their lives and the reality of them. That way, he could decide for himself whether his book fell into one of these categories. The book business is highly subjective, and industry insiders are surprised all the time.

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Perhaps these books are already on your bookshelf. It's fascinating to see other women's inner lives but it's also frustrating to see how much pain, misery and lack of agency inhabit these love lives.

If your husband died.

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