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But investors are sceptical. Which activities may be considered banking activities under Greek law? Large U. Commercial Service trade specialist in the U. Capital controls are still in place but have been regularly alleviated by a series of amendments and as of the 1st of October do not apply to individuals accessing their accounts in Greek banks. The trouble with Greece is that it has too many plans - and is taking too long to choose between them. The Bank of Greece is the regulatory authority in the country. The Bank of Greece supervises the credit institutions with registered seat in Greece, and their branch offices in abroad, as well as the branch offices in Greece of credit institutions of third countries. What is the legal framework governing the provision of banking services in Greece? The EBF is committed to a thriving European economy that is underpinned by a stable, secure and inclusive financial ecosystem, and to a flourishing society where financing is available to fund the dreams of citizens, businesses and innovators everywhere. With its network of offices across the United States and in more than 75 countries, the U. Greek banks have submitted to the Bank of Greece and the SSM operational targets for the management of non-performing exposures NPEs for the period up to the end of

Banks would securitise them, and the state would guarantee the safest tranche, increasing the number of potential investors.

According to art. Greek courts have already issued a number of important decisions on unfair terms used by credit institutions.

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Commercial Service trade specialist in the U. Most important, having two of them doesn't give the impression of a country that's picked which route to follow to address one of its chief economic problems. The credit institution of another Member State must notify the competent authorities of the home Member State, of the activities on the above list which it intends to carry on. Where EBA acts in accordance with that Article, it shall take any decision under Article 19 3 of that Regulation within twenty-four 24 hours. Foreign banks have insignificant market share, since all but one of the foreign banks with retail customer service networks have divested from Greece. Unfortunately, they lack coordination. Following the implementation of capital controls in June , businesses and consumers have adapted, to a considerable extent, to cashless payments. Law No.

Commercial Service trade specialist in the U. Branches of 21 foreign banks operate in Greece. It's hard to see how Greece can bounce back strongly after such a long recession with a still-crippled banking system.

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European supervisors seem to have turned a blind eye to what's going on. Commercial Service of the U. More specifically the law protects consumers from the standard contracts prepared by financial institutions that sometimes exclude essential rights of consumers. All these have absorbed during the last 3 years all the smaller banks that existed in the country. Piraeus has also signed an agreement to acquire Portuguese-owned Millennium Bank and in acquired the healthy assets of the public Agricultural Bank of Greece. The capital raisings of led to strong capital ratios across all the significant credit institutions. The unemployment rate dropped further, at Law No. The Bank of Greece within the scope to control the transparency and conditions of transactions may require adjustments to the content of the advertisements. According to articles of the EU Treaty, the citizens of a member state can provide services to other member states freely.

The Greek banking system is saddled with a very large number of non-performing loans, a legacy of protracted recession. More specifically the law protects consumers from the standard contracts prepared by financial institutions that sometimes exclude essential rights of consumers.

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Credit institutions must abide by Greek consumer protection and advertising legislation. Because of the fact that all Greek banks are listed companies, they also fall under the Supervision of the Hellenic Capital markets Commission HCMC exclusively for matters for which the capital markets legislation is applicable.

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It's unclear whether either of these plans would by itself attract enough interest from investors.

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Banking in Greece