Building strategic compensation systems esonic example project

e-sonic final project

These are important because they form the basic job specifications needed to complete the task given by the employer. As an e-sonic consultant, you are offered a sample of e-sonic jobs in Section 1. It also consists of job analysis and job evaluation.

The rapid growth of this industry is on the rise with the age of digital music and streaming being in high demand. The incentive plan gives an employee the opportunity to increase his annual pay based upon either company performance or individual performance.

The analysis of current conditions is a necessary precursor to the system that will manage the changes required to achieve the company vision and live up to its mission and values.

This submission will be graded with the Final Project Rubric below. You will use market survey data to compare pay rates of positions inside the firm with those in the marketplace to establish the foundations of market-competitive pay.

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Building Strategic Compensation Systems Esonic Example Project Free Essays