Can you write a check over to someone else

This method is easier for banks to process and your recipient would not encounter any problems with their bank if they did it this way. March 21, Many people do not realize that, in any situation, they can sign a check made out to them to someone else. Cash it at the issuing bank or check-cashing store You can try cashing the check at the issuing bank if you need access to the money quickly.

how can i cash a check that is not in my name

Once again, you should try to leave some space between this line and the endorsement box cut-off in case the bank requires the recipient to endorse the check as well. Many ATMs these days can handle check deposits, but these systems are highly automated. This is called endorsing the check.

Simplify The Process Instead of trying to cash the check, your recipient should consider depositing it into their bank account and letting it clear.

It notes on each check who made the deposit.

How to endorse a business check over to a third party

Not every bank will cash a check in that situation, so you should be sure before you do it. Endorse The Check The next step is to endorse the check as though you were going to cash or deposit it yourself. It should be something you try only if you really need to. You should never try to write anything below that line as most banks will not cash a check that has writing below that line. Otherwise, the issuing bank will refuse to pay the bank at which the check was deposited. Check With The Bank Before you sign a check over to someone else, you should make sure that a bank will cash the check. It does not have to be an emergency or any special type of situation. If everything is in order, the money will be transferred between the banks. However, you usually get access to funds just a few days after depositing a check. If neither of your banks will cash the check, then you need to start calling around to find a bank that will. Depositing and Issuing Banks May Reject the Deposit Keep in mind that both the issuing bank and receiving bank are involved in the processing a check deposit. There are a lot of reasons why people decide to sign checks over to other recipients. This method is easier for banks to process and your recipient would not encounter any problems with their bank if they did it this way. If you do not have a bank account but need to cash a check, then signing the check over to someone who does have an account can save time. Editorial Disclosure When someone gives you a check, you first need to deposit the money at a bank or cash it so you have money to spend.

If you want to get someone cash but you have not cashed that check yet, then there is a way you can cut out the middle man and just sign the check over to another party.

Drop him a line if you like his writing, he loves hearing from his readers! When you endorse the check, be sure to endorse it as close to the top of the check as possible to leave yourself plenty of room to write below your endorsement but above the line that cuts off the endorsement box.

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