Causes of workplace accident

Causes of workplace accident

Fatigue results in impaired judgement, slower reaction times and less attention to details. Falls, slips and trips killed workers in according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Savvy companies educate employees on these protocols and expect them to follow them. In , 2, workers died in a transportation incident. If your employees work somewhere with a higher risk of that happening, say a building site, then a hard hat should be worn at all times. Thousands of employees each year injure themselves while carrying out tasks require these kinds of movements. Common symptoms include back pain and other issues with your joints. If you are working at heights, ensure you have fall arrest protection. A transportation incident can include a wreck in a work vehicle, being struck by a work vehicle or back over accidents. To prevent accidents, we must first understand what situations cause accidents. Ignoring safety procedures — Among the worst thing a worker can do on a job site is to ignore safety protocols.

This can be avoided by simply drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. Dehydration Not staying hydrated can also bring about disastrous consequences.

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Therefore, it is essential to encourage a supportive team environment. On exceptionally hot summer days, failing to drink adequate amounts of water can cause heat stroke or cardiac conditions.

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The top 10 work place injuries range from fatigue to wrecks and overexertion, and many are preventable with proper training and awareness. If your employees work somewhere with a higher risk of that happening, say a building site, then a hard hat should be worn at all times.

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Numerous factors can cause accidents, ranging from overexertion to mishandling of hazardous materials. Fire And Explosions Explosions and fires are one of the more dramatic safety concerns on the list. Management should stress the importance of proper hydration and rest, as it maximizes the efforts of personnel. About the Author. June 30, Jesse Hull Workplace accidents are a detriment to worker morale, productivity and the public image of companies. Integrating conflict resolution and peer mediation can help to reduce the risks of such outbursts. Overexertion is a top workplace injury according to surveys and statistics. Physical and Metal Fatigue If someone is pushed, or pushes herself, beyond reasonable limits to stay on top of workload, the results often are physical and mental exhaustion. Trips and Falls Slick floors and high-traffic corridors can cause a trip or fall. Here are some of the leading causes of workplace accidents and injuries.

Improper Storage Objects stacked in a top-heavy or otherwise unsteady manner can topple onto employees and injure employees. Not using protective gear or misusing protective gear can cause a range of injuries from cuts, burns, blindness and more. You will be required to complete an Injuries Board Form A in order to start the claims process.

While it may not be with enough force to knock one or the other unconscious, the potential for injury escalates if there are hot liquids, sharp implements or heavy objects involved.

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Workplace Accidents: Why Do They Happen