Child labour is a major problem

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The economic downturn cannot become an excuse for diminished ambition and inaction. Poverty is the root cause of child labor. Incidentally, agriculture is not only the oldest but also the most common child occupation worldwide.

Other reasons include educational problems, like distance from school, poor quality of education, over-crowding, inability to support schooling food, uniforms, exercise books, school fees, etc.

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In extreme cases, children are forced to work under threat of violence or death. We have seen the largest reduction among children aged 5—14 where child labour fell by 10 per cent. Emotional neglect such as deprivation of family love and affection, resulting in loneliness, and hopelessness. The amounts which would need to be spent are far less than what governments recently allocated to save commercial banks during the global financial crisis. Global standards are often altered, with opposing opinions on the role of children in the society. A decade after adopting Convention No. Studies have found low enrollment with increased rates of child employment. And above all, their childhood is also suffering. Under the scheme, funds are given to the District Collectors for running special schools for child labor.

Evidence of neurotoxicity in working children in Lebanon. This is manifested in variation in minimum age restriction in different types of employment. In several cases, schools are faraway, difficult to reach and unaffordable. The causes behind it are the illiteracy and poverty of parents, large families with additional need of food and money cause the child labour.

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Child labour problem