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The strong hope and faith in the potential of the people makes me feel proud about her. How much is the literacy? Points to be covered in the essay: What is the name of your country? How much is the population? Village people do farming.

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But 15th August and 25th January are the national days. Its population is more than ninety crores, a number second only to China. Jai Hind! One thing I hate about my country is the corruption. India is said to be incredible because many languages are spoken here and many people from different religions live together.

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While some said it was the varied culture and heritage, others spoke of the beauty of the country. My parents, sister, grandparents and relatives live here. When we have such a beautiful land to live in, then why will not our heart be filled with pride?. Essay: My Country: India India is my country. We merge those lifestyles and follow our own habits. In the south there is the Indian Ocean, in the east in the Bay of Bengal and in the west is the Arabic sea. Ambedkar were born in this country. So India is chiefly an agricultural country. With a very large timeline and countless number of heroes and villains, kings and ministers, I think India is the mother of history. Festivals like Diwali, Holi, do not belong to any one community but is celebrated by all. India is a democratic country, that is, it is by the people, of the people, for the people. Points to be covered in the essay: What is the name of your country?

In my country people of different language, religions and social practices. India is secular. Customs, tradition and perceptions don't matter. India is rich in resources.

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