Essay on usage and misuse of television

Polling during elections or counting of votes or election results are shown live on T.

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These all had a great impact on people. It broadcasts news and informs on national and international aspects. However, it can be said that television has both advantages and disadvantages.

Uses of television in points

We can see the actual person and events in television and can also hear their voice. Because of T. Teenagers and children sometimes start following negative and bad activities of famous personalities. It gives us enormous opportunities to witness the manners and characters of the people of different countries. Besides, some vulgar programmes telecast on television hamper the moral character of the younger. Uses of Television: Television is a good source of entertainment. V are not good for children. So, our young generation is spoilt by watching the bad scenes. Television has influenced the every sector of our life. Television removes our monotony of daily works.

Recently modern scientist have invented tiny and flat screen television. But one must not get addicted to it. The importance of television beggars description.

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Sunday, January 12, The uses and abuses of Television Television is on of the wonderful gifts of science. Related Papers.

They want products shown in T.

Essay on usage and misuse of television

It is a very cheap source of entertainment.

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television: use and misuse of television