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Polyeuctes had done in Armenia. Germany would be a desert strewn with the bones of Catholics, Protestants, and Anabaptists, slain by each other, if the peace of Westphalia had not at length brought freedom of conscience.

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Many of our enemies are the outcome of our intolerance. Catholics have not these things in England and other countries. There are countless instances of this folly, once thought so important. The Sultan governs in peace twenty million people of different religions; two hundred thousand Greeks live in security at Constantinople; the muphti himself nominates and presents to the emperor the Greek patriarch, and they also admit a Latin patriarch. An illustration of the Islamic teaching with regards to religious freedom and tolerance will not be out of context. In such cases, actors engaged in the workshops or similar forums feel their concerns have been heard and recognized. When a town was besieged, sacrifices and prayers were offered to the gods of the town to secure their favour. The rage that is inspired by the dogmatic spirit and the abuse of the Christian religion, wrongly conceived, has shed as much blood and led to as many disasters in Germany, England, and even Holland, as in France. Is it not enough to prevent Rome for ever from reverting to such excesses? On that point they never troubled either Jew, Syrian, Egyptian, Druid, or philosopher. Aurangzeb killed Hindus under the feet of elephants, because he could not tolerate Hinduism. For instance, through victim-offender mediation, victims can ask for an apology from the offender. Hence, there should be absolutely no force and compulsion in religion. It represented Marc Antoine Calas holding a palm in one hand, and in the other the pen with which he was to sign his abjuration of heresy.

He opposed a zeal for humanity to the zeal for severity, and became the public pleader for the Calas in Toulouse, where the incessant cries of outraged religion demanded the blood of the accused.

The Huguenots, it is true, have been as inebriated with fanaticism and stained with blood as we. We have to be tolerant to any kind of culture whether it is — as the Promised Messiahas said — a Hindu culture in a Muslim society or a Muslim culture in a Hindu society.

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A Polish bishop had an Anabaptist for farmer and a Socinian for steward. Certain persons, having carefully examined the circumstances of this horrible adventure, were so impressed that they urged the widow, who had retired into solitude, to go and demand justice at the feet of the throne.

Beards of corn are not a symbol of faith; no Greek town ever went to Edition: current; Page: [34] war for opinions.

This pen, in point of fact, signed the death-sentence of his father. Information available on-line at www. Commerce and agriculture profited by it, and the body politic never suffered from it. How could they venture to charge the Christians with their secret mysteries when the mysteries of Isis, Mithra, and the Syrian goddess, all alien to the Roman cult, were freely permitted?

They fear no longer in Holland that disputes about predestination will end in heads being cut off.

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Human behaviors shape a society. We have to be tolerant to any kind of culture whether it is — as the Promised Messiahas said — a Hindu culture in a Muslim society or a Muslim culture in a Hindu society. Globalisation has blurred borders throughout the world. Their very banishment was a lesson in toleration and humanity. You think that the Romans would have suffered the infamous Antinous 1 to be raised to the rank of the secondary gods, and would have rent and given to the beasts those whose only reproach was to have quietly worshipped one just God! A fresh example is that of France where Muslim women are not allowed to wear the veil in specific areas. Sectarianism has undermined the society. Tolerance and peace can help solve many problems, and wars are one thing that can be stopped by inducing these qualities. Go to India, Persia, or Tartary, and you will find the same toleration and tranquillity. Having one day lost his money in gambling, he determined to carry out his plan on that very day. If we culture tolerance, we will be free from all the pain of envy within ourselves. He is made to say, in general, Edition: current; Page: [33] that he was accused of instilling into young men sentiments in opposition to the religion and government. So, intolerance is a very bad quality. Let us add that they alone knew Greek, and were acquainted with antiquity.

It's just different. But it was not because he was intolerant; it was because the Edition: current; Page: [24] Jesuits were.

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