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As both facilitators and beneficiaries of increased global interconnectedness, translators and interpreters have become important economic players in the services sector worldwide, with surveys forecasting an average annual business growth of 5—7.

For one thing, lack of syntactic and semantic equivalence between languages, together with the stress under which interpreters operate, often lead them to inadvertently alter the tenor of the original utterance, for example by downgrading the suggestive and intimidating nature of key questions and statements.

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Cheung, M. Growing interest in issues of power and inequality has naturally drawn attention to the role played by translation and interpreting in shaping the relationship between minority and majority groups in any society. Jacquemet, M.

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Goffman, E. Translators into Indian and Inuit languages draw on work done at the Summer Institute of Linguistics Dallas, Tex , which specializes in descriptions of, and translation from and into, languages so far unknown outside their own area. Facing the Future. Available at: www. There is also a good deal of translation of other languages spoken and written here, such as Italian, German and Ukrainian. Salama-Carr ed. A standard reference in the field which features extended entries on core concepts, types of translation and interpreting and theoretical approaches, plus entries which summarize the history of translation in a wide range of Western and non-Western societies. A comprehensive list of translators and translated can be found in Newman and Stratford's Bibliography of Canadian Books in Translation 2nd ed, Bielsa, E.

Based on interviews with British and French journalists who worked in Iraq following its invasion by US troops inPalmer confirms that interpreters often selected the individuals to be interviewed by the media representative and advised on whether it was safe or practical to travel to a particular place to secure an interview.

Not only is it impossible to know how two people are likely to respond to a given text, but even the same reader will respond differently to the same text on different occasions. Another major field that has long relied heavily on translation is that of trade and commerce.

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Laviosa, S. By then, too, the text had come to be seen as an instance of interaction that embodies the values a given culture attaches to certain practices and concepts.

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