How does the catherine tate sketch

Liese is a comprehensive school student with Lauren and Ryan who displays the typical chav culture look and mannerisms, also speaking Multicultural London English.

While Ellen is reluctant to go along with the game, she is pressured into making a wild guess, which almost always results in Kate's becoming insulted and consequently offensive.

How does the catherine tate sketch

Her comedy is never meant to offend any viewer and is always based on satire and grotesque exaggeration. Lauren also appeared in many charity sketches with many famous celebrities, including McFly , David Tennant and Tony Blair. Moo was also seen holding a dog training class, where the class attendants were not allowed to bring their dogs and had to imagine that their dogs were attached to their leads. Me, dear? In the Christmas special, Georgie tries to raise money for those addicted to dogging. He's a gay man now". Main article: List of The Catherine Tate Show characters This is only a list and small description of the most popular or well-known characters. Instead she attempts to have a baby with the aid of a sperm donor , but unfortunately her missed periods turned out to be the start of the menopause a very early menopause, as her age is quoted in the first series as being Mrs O'Reilly was referred to as Mrs Leary here too. At one point in a sketch, she forgets her husband's name and just referred to John as "him". Guests in sketches include David Tennant who acts as Lauren Cooper's teacher and actually turns out to be the real Doctor , and Daniel Craig as another one of Elaine Figgis' boyfriends whom she has met through the internet. Towards the end of the first series, Ellen occasionally guesses correctly, sometimes surprisingly such as when Kate asks "Do you know how many extras were used in the film Ben-Hur? She also dreads the thought of going supermarket -shopping by herself. In the Christmas special sketch, after watching the wheel spinning, she faints.

He is another boyfriend that Elaine meets over the Internet and subsequently moves in with her. In one sketch, Moo tortures her own dog when she sent an electric pulse through her body in order to make her behave using a shock collar. Her husband, Michael, repeatedly warns her when something may cause her to scream; but, after insisting she is fine, she would scream anyway.

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Gay, dear? During the show, Paul and Sam's two children were seen for the first time: they looked and acted exactly like their parents. They are happily married yet slightly simple, and find everyday situations surprisingly hilarious.

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The actor who played John's father in series 3 was changed for the Christmas Show, however he did play the role of the priest in the church scene. They fear that they will be mocked at the Parisian picnic at school because they lack the correct cheese.

The catherine tate show

Me, dear? Janice and Ray are a couple from Beverley , East Riding of Yorkshire who express their disgust at the various signs of multi-culturalism in their very British circle. Lady Clown[ edit ] Jill, a trainee clown who constantly uses her circus skills to talk about and convey a horrific car accident that she claims to have been involved in. At the end of the sketches, Victoria was seen intoxicated and passed out, with a bridesmaid alone in the dark ball room, presumably being divorced. The series three sketches guest starred Patsy Palmer , where Palmer dressed as a battery copper top and protested with the other "gingers", who were themselves dressed as carrots and ginger biscuits. He becomes particularly offended when, while on holiday in Spain with his male companion Leonard Mincing, a taxi driver offers to take them to a Hawaiian -themed gay bar called "Homo Lulu". Derek Faye[ edit ] Derek, who first appeared in series two, is a man who shows several signs of being gay combining some mannerisms of famous gay British comedians such as Kenneth Williams and Frankie Howerd , but seems to be in denial about his sexuality and becomes extremely offended and defensive when people assume he is gay. In an interview, Tate said that this character was partly based on herself. He always offers a modest donation then makes at least one small increase, but after several futile attempts to get him to donate yet more money, she says "Let's say no more about it because I wouldn't want it to come between us pet". They are happily married yet slightly simple, and find everyday situations surprisingly hilarious.

Another time, she panics at the thought of having to use a dishwasher when an egg cleaver falls onto the floor, meaning that Chloe cannot open her egg and it cannot breathe and may discolour. Paul and Sam[ edit ] The Essex couple. In series two, Bernie makes three appearances.

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Catherine Tate: yes, we are bovvered!