How to complete your iosh project

The information has been provided with good intentions. Hazard, hazardous event and expected consequence Three things are required here, for example corrosive substance leaking from container resulting in burns to hands or use of display screen equipment for prolonged periods causing musculo-skeletal strain.

iosh risk assessment form example pdf

Think about the different groups of people who may be in the area and how often they may be there. Your opinion matters to us so please let us know whether our IOSH Managing Safely project has worked for you and if we might make it work better for others in the future.

If you dont, you wont score any marks at all for this sheet! Web: www.

iosh managing safely workbook pdf

If any doubt remains after reading these pages you should refer back to your training provider. Dont forget to share this eBook with anybody you think would be interested.

I am sure that your assessor will spot them. Please make sure you include: tivity and risk level from the risk assessment existing risk controls se use the 5 x 5 matrix - in relation to the work activity relation to the Note: where you have large numbers of hazards ave s d them all.

Work activity Make sure you use the work activities you have identified in Part 4. Guidance on the new course project is coming soon.

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How to Complete Your Iosh Project Assessment