How to lead a long and

In fact, in circumstances requiring the herding of academic cats, for example, at the slightest sign that anyone else's juices are also flowing, it might not be a bad idea to take off your shoes and lie down. Instead there is an enormous increase in year-olds and not much change in year-olds.

Now, it's plain that most of the people in this room don't have a lot of time for social rambling, or for carrying on in society, whatever that is. Post navigation.

how to live as long as possible

We consider certain identifying information "sensitive. Staying connected can be a tough one if you are feeling down, have lost someone close to you, or live far away from extended family and friends.

Eat well. The spouses of centenarians, by the way, had average life expectancies. And notice that arm waving is a form of upper body aerobic exercise, so the arms have a claim along that line as well, and, in any case, I found the idea that it might be better to play a little Mozart or Shostakovich and wave your arms in time with it much more congenial.

Well-fed worms live for about three weeks, but dauer larvae can live for more than two months. That is, positive emotional content in early life autobiographies was strongly associated with longevity six decades later. This aphorism isn't famous for no reason.

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How to Live a Long Life (with Pictures)