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Thanks to this strong revenue stream, the company is able to re-invest those profits into their studio side.

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The kits are packed and labeled all at once and shipped to arrive in mailboxes across the country in a short window. It starts with how you structure the relationship itself.

The beauty business, says McClung, is by its very nature brand-driven.

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To further enhance the customer experience, the company recently launched Glam Bag Plus, featuring full-size beauty products, and continues to innovate its ecommerce sales channel, ipsy Shopper. Overall if I was asked to re-subscribe, I would say no.

Alvino took on the task of making sense of all the data points he had about the millions of customers in the database, then tagging different products based on information about which users liked them.

By contrast, equity arrangements encourage alignment with long term interests because the influencer is literally a bought-in shareholder of the business.

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