Land pollution and how it effects the economy

Every dollar spent on protecting sources of drinking water saves in water treatment costs. Without taking measures now to reduce pollution levels, permanent changes to the land can occur.

In such cases, zoning may be preferred. Urban influences on the amount and structure of agriculture in the North—Eastern United States.

economic effects of plastic pollution

Effects of chemicals and healthcare waste Chemicals such as chromium, cadmium, asbestos, arsenic, cyanide and mercury, usually found in waste from pharmaceuticals, fertilizer and pesticide industries also have harmful effects on human health.

Breaking down toxic compounds - The compounds are produced as "by-products of organisms and agrochemicals.

economic effects of water pollution in india

Land use regulation can take many different forms. Some of the potential consequences include birth defects, the development of breathing disorders, skin diseases, and cancer. Sampson and Y.

Economic effects of air pollution

By , if not tackled, it will kill more people than cancer, and cost, globally, more than the size of the current global economy. Soil pollution affects food security by reducing crop yields and quality. Instead, the government is doing less. It also leaches chemicals that harm oxygen-producing microorganisms. They are the food source for many other sea creatures, including krill , fish, and whales. The costs also fall on school and work performance. As urbanization intensifies, agricultural and nonagricultural land use conflicts become more severe. Norby, N. Effects Land pollution effects Soil pollution can harm public health and animals, as well as the quality of groundwater and surface water. This can reduce land productivity and cause pollution by clogging waterways. Even though most people have a general understanding of pollution , they may not realize the significance of land pollution. For example, it has long been recognized that agricultural land use and practices can cause water pollution and the effect is influenced by government policies. Urbanites and agencies have legitimate concerns about the use and condition of rural natural resources, just as rural populations have legitimate concerns about urban—based pressures on the natural world. Soil pollution can put our health at risk. Niles, D.

Annual losses to these industries from nutrient pollution are estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars. Cities tend to gain lower—income residents and lose upper—income population. Soil erosion, salinization, desertification, and other soil degradations associated with intensive agriculture and deforestation reduce the quality of land resources and future agricultural productivity Lubowski et al.

Health Risk to People There is enough evidence that there are serious health implications both due to heavy metals and POPs pollution of land. Photo by Bas Emmen on Unsplash Waste disposal We produce large quantities of household waste every year, many of which could and should be recycled or degrade naturally.

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The Effects: Economy