Literature review on banking industry in india

But today banking has a new face.

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And the government of India started a financial reform era with the financial sector liberalization program. History of my work 2. Jamshaid, M. In the research they concluded that there is no significant relation between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Any type of essay. The study in general gives the overall experience of retail banking consumer segment in the Netherland. Fact is that they due to too much competition in the banking industry public, private and foreign banks it becomes difficult for the bank managers to frame out the customer satisfaction strategies. The factor of which both male and female had variation are attractiveness, marketing promotion, ATM service, proximity, people influences and financial benefits. The study has set its scope to evaluate the nature, prospects and challenges as well as organization and working of retail banking in India. Many countries are availing to go with private state owned banks. It is divided into two parts.

Vanntarajan and P. The mergers and acquisitions are improves the efficiency. Prompt service is equated with quality service.

Literature review on banking industry in india

The main contribution of the study is the theoretical discussion of the effect of service characteristics inseparability, heterogeneity, intangibility and perishability on the M-P relationship, and the identification of firm level strategic initiatives that moderate such an effect in the context of retail banking. As a result of the reforms, in the system of banking the share of entire assets of public sector banks was decreased to 75 percent from 90 percent between the year and Business Horizons, vol. In that period government of India was more likely to more liberalized. The following are the some studies conducted by the eminent authors and practitioners on the area of service quality of banks. Mergers and consolidation and efficiency The banking system consists of various institutions in size, ownership, competitive profitability, structure and technology. Under the Nationalization act , the largest banks were nationalized with the aim of increase in public deposits. Increase in productivity can be achieved through cleaner technologies and manufacturing process which will help in merging Economic, Social and Environmental Objectives. The fifth chapter relates to the data collection, analysis and interpretation. The concepts and determinants of customer satisfaction has changed significantly as transition has taken place from traditional to modern banking. So, in order to improve the tendency to use e-banking channels in rural areas the use of local languages during dealings should be promoted as well as publicized. First, the post independence period Sikdar, P.

Managerial implication Every bank wants to retain and maintain their valuable customers for long term. The sixth chapter draws conclusion, formulate the suggestions and measures to overcome the problems faced by Indian banks in retail banking segment on the basis of outcome of assessment of the service quality dimension.

The cycle time is quicker than private banks some time lack of local infrastructure for finance, government organization only is the way to get hands. The globalization, deregularisation and privatization system emphasized on Washington consensus.

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Hence this research study was undertaken. It also aims to help banks reassess their strategies, business models and plans for emerging from the crisis faster and in a stronger position than their peers.

Two years ago, it was jewellery and apparel purchases that formed the largest chunk of purchases through plastic money.

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The Reserve bank of India, performed role as a supervisor and controller of finance system. Brief report of my analysis 3. However, regulatory, structural and technological factors are significantly changing the banking environment throughout the world. Ameme, B. Findings 4. Assuming a consultative method so as to originate policy through measures that are being ushered by the participants of market to supply lead time useful to the market players in order to create required adjustments. They also state that intangibility intension is very difficult to measure then tangibility particularly in case of service quality. It was material to control on banking system and resulted into increase in priority area landing and five year plans of Indian Government. The occupation and income of the customer also play an important role for any policy implementation.
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