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Click somewhere in the first level one heading, and then click on the Expand button on the ribbon above to expand that heading to show all Heading 2s. Next, from the Modify Style windows, check the Automatically update box if you want to apply the change to the entire document.

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Now create a footnote by clicking on the button on the Quick Access Toolbar. For unwanted entries: If you have content in your ToC or lists that should not be present, hold the CTRL button on your keyboard and click the unwanted entry.

Choose Level 1 from the Show Level drop down menu to view only level 1 headings.

Phd thesis template word 2016

If you are using Internet Explorer, it may be difficult to open the file by clicking on the link. Figure 4 Pasting content into the template There are several ways to paste text from another source document, website, etc. To do this, delete the object and caption, select the entire document from edit menu or press Ctrl-A and then F9. Note: You can remove the border by clicking Shape Outline and then selecting No Outline from the Textbox formatting tab. Footnotes and endnotes Footnotes and endnotes are handled in a similar fashion, except that footnotes appear at the bottom of the current page, and endnotes appear at the end of the document. Note that the grey area that you see when you click on the inserted cross-reference text is there to indicate that this is a cross-reference. Choose Browse by Footnote and then Browse by Page as shown below. We immediately jump to the bookmarked text. Note that all heading levels are promoted, but the text remains as text. The location of page numbers must be consistent throughout the thesis, i.

From the list of bookmarks presented, select spider in this case this is the only item in the list. Also, tick the box market Automatically update document styles. On your N: drive is an image file called fiddle.

Doing your dissertation with microsoft word:

On the ribbon, you will see the Navigation section with the option Link to Previous. Choose Browse by Footnote and then Browse by Page as shown below. In the label box, select Figure. To use this feature, use the figure style for figure titles in Figure titles. Do this by selecting the appropriate Document View from the View tab. In the Home tab, click Replace on the far right in the Editing section. All of your Endnote Reference numbers should now have square brackets around them. Then click OK. Click Insert.
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