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I wanted medicine to prove that sadness went away. The last line: same as above, but mine. I have hemmed and hawed about posting it here but decided that even though it wasn't right for the anthology, I'm proud of the work I put into it.

Email Address Sign Up! It reminded me that this world is very vast, and there are many individuals with different stories and destinies, all searching for God and love.

Without him there to watch me, in the year after he moved out my drinking went from troubling to dangerous. My depression was different. Reading the first few chapters was like scrolling through a long, personal fortune cookie. My life had been sunshine and barbecues, two little sisters who followed me everywhere.

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One Saturday in June ofI woke up in my bed, alone and hungover yet again. Now that I read the whole book, I cried tons, felt so much love, pain and hope within these pages.

She resides in Philadelphia with her partner, Tom, and their puppy, Rue. We were happy; it was a fit. I flipped the first pages and read the introduction by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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I carried these letters in my pocket as I cried in the bathroom at work, or on the train ride home so many Friday nights, drunk and crushed by fear.

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From The Rejection Pile: "Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It"