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Int J Surg ; 10 Suppl. However, for some atypical cases, preoperative auxiliary examinations are needed to obtain a preliminary diagnosis, and the value of serum inflammation markers is limited by many factors cold, pain, surgery and other factors.

Emerging strategies for prevention, early diagnosis of low-grade infections, and innovative treatments of osteomyelitis such as biofilm disruptors and immunotherapy are highlighted in this review.

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A very large number of patients The information is derived from both clinical and experimental studies. Full size table Infection site Among the cases with a single-site infection, there were cases of tibia infection, femur infections, 13 ulna and radius infections, 14 humerus infections, 11 fibula infections, 15 calcaneus infections, 7 clavicle infections, 6 metatarsal infections, 5 infections of the toes, 4 patella infections, and 3 phalanx infections.

Recurrence of chronic osteomyelitis in a regenerated fibula after 65 years. Internal fixation should be given priority because it offers reduced complications with no increase in the recurrence of infection.

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In our study, 9 patients required different plastic-reconstructive procedures to cover the soft tissue defect. The patients experienced infections in sites; the rate of sinus infection was First stage included radical debridement, spacer from hydroxyapatite, topical antibiotics rifampicin and gentamycin and soleus flap cover, immobilization with a long slab.

Braz J Infect Dis ; 16 1 :

Chronic osteomyelitis

Hombhanje who contributed to the microbiological analysis of the samples. For six patients with a larger bone defect, Ilizarov frame was applied. For the patient with 7 cm-long tibia defect Fig. In this review article, we will focus on the recent advances in pathophysiology and novel therapeutic strategies for joint infection following arthroplasty and post-traumatic fracture-associated bone infections resulting from contaminated open fractures or open treatment of closed fractures. Case 1: A year old female 5 months after Rush pin fixation, non-union of ulna and septic nonunion of radius with sequestrum, 2. Dtsch Arztebl Int ; 14 : The mean follow-up was 15 months months. Also, very low metabolisms in deeper layers of the biofilm are believed to predispose to development of strains resistant to antibiotics [ 15 , 16 ]. Antimicrob Agents Chemother ; 54 1 :
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Osteomyelitis: Recent advances in pathophysiology and therapeutic strategies