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America was on the move as nation, railroads being built faster than ever and the freedmen looking to find their niche in society.

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There was separation in simple things such as water fountains and restrooms, to more intricate things such as federal workplaces and the US military. Many former slaves argued that they are free men and deserve to have the same rights as anyone else Doc. The former Confederate states would not be completely restored until , when the last federal troops were removed from South Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida as part of a compromise to settle the presidential election. The first black man was reported voting on November 16, Doc. Although slavery was considered abolished, people became partially enslaves due to the Mississippi Black Codes and sharecropping. In addition, the Force Act of also helped to reinforce the idea that former slaves were to be treated with respect. The Civil War began in as a limited war between Union forces seeking to preserve the Union and Confederate forces seeking to preserve their independence and domestic institutions. In , many American citizens of African descent claimed that if they were able to be drafted, then they should have the right to vote as well Doc. If all the states separated, more problems would arise as there would be more tension among them. Anyone who acted against them, specifically forbidding African Americans to vote by threatening them, would be seen as guilty of felony.

The process of Reconstruction lasted longer than the war, itself. Groups such as the KKK practiced acts of violence against the black people, seeing them as inferior.

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Lots of people lost their homes, land, businesses, and their way of life. In addition, the Force Act of also helped to reinforce the idea that former slaves were to be treated with respect.

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They wanted to keep a balance between different areas of the nation. The Civil Rights Act, the ratification of three new amendments, and the enforcement of the Force Acts all helped to give African Americans the equality that they deserved and protect them from potential harm.

Furthermore, the addition of three new amendments also tremendously changed the lives of African Americans.

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The Civil War and Reconstruction