Research paper comparing americans and french cultures

Americans are different. It all depends! Some of these differences may transcend the domain of food and eating. Then we each buy a baguette, slice it and freeze it. There is a lower heart disease rate in France even though the French eat a higher percentage of calories as both fat and animal fat Renaud and de Lorgeril, The more you know!

France: Stick with small talk.

how do you think france and the us compare in diversity

The latter statement assumes that usually, a meal is more likely to be a joy than a hotel room. I know I was shocked to see a Ford and Chevy dealership, as well as to find Goldfish crackers and Neutrogena face wash in the grocery store.

Research paper comparing americans and french cultures

In French culture, public intoxication is heavily frowned upon. They are more likely to involve social interactions. In fact, three out of four Americans drive to work, while a mere 5. Having said that, Americans have been roused out of their political apathy to an extent thanks to the many controversies surrounding the current administration. The more you know! All you have to do is pop the frozen bread in the microwave for seconds and it becomes soft and warm and wonderful. People get to know each other through social circles—and exclusivity is always implied. A third is a greater preference for joys unique events as opposed to comforts activities or expenditure that make life easier among the French.

If so, share your advice for traveling in the comment section below. Joys almost always involve a rather sudden change in affect and activity, and are much less likely to adapt.

American cultural differences

Method Participants Brief one-page two-sided questionnaires were distributed to individuals waiting alone in major train stations in Philadelphia and Paris. Absence of excess, related to both abundance and quantity, is a long-standing theme in French eating. After all, you can find a wine bar at just about every corner. Understanding this on both parts will make expectations more manageable. In this study we contribute to the understanding of the link between culture and psychology, but depart from most prior work in two ways. While Paris is definitely an expensive city, you can save a lot of money if you get creative! The more you know! Received Oct 8; Accepted Jul Both cultures are concerned with weight control and place great emphasis on being thin Stearns, Identity Americans often define themselves by their profession and will put people in context according to their job and where they come from.

Most people use the underground subway systems and tramways to get around.

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Biggest differences between French and American work cultures