Research sources for research paper

So get in the habit of writing all of the information down as you compile your list of sources. You will also discover that there is another great way to find books that might be helpful to you.

Check out the Content and Evaluation and Sources and Data sections. Sometimes a look through the stacks the shelves on which the books are located will turn up additional information that's relevant to your research question or working thesis.

You should read this section before going to more specific information on types of sources, documentation, etc.

best websites for research papers

Remember that you can't take these out of the library. The librarian will immediately be able to suggest a number of places to look if you tell him that your research question is "Why is smoking being banned in public places?

Research sources for research paper

This will require a little bit of effort, but you can find some success without too much effort if you know what type of research paper sources you need to find.

Here you will find journals and other texts that go into more depth in a discipline and are therefore more appropriate for college research than those sources written for the general public.

But the goal is to use the most authoritative sources possible.

8 sources to research awesome article topics

There are many specialized databases.

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Types of Sources