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The quote is accented with some red flourishes and sits above a realistic heart.

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Matching tattoos are inked on your feet. Am I trusting the ultimate destination of the struggle or trusting that I will continue to struggle or trusting my ability to struggle? It still has a very detailed flower and butterfly, but went for the more muted concept of black and white.

There's chance of infection.

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You can also consider inking two tattoos that match. Whoever inked him on their foot certainly is not! One side mimics the other to creative synergy between two seemingly different pieces. The added little chain and rhinestones makes it extra pretty! They go together well, but have their own appeal in each; a wonderful way to match the feet without subscribing to monotony. Animal Designs. Thoroughbred Horses are a beloved animal in many cultures. It could either have begun with wanting a dream catcher and turning them into delicate, interwoven hearts, or transformed from the simple idea of two hearts intertwined with dreams in mind Either way, it turned out great on the foot. Artists do not want to do bad works. But, it is not a problem for some artists. Maybe this person got it on vacation, or maybe they live there or are from there. Heavy Heart and heavy ink This person might have started on the foot and just kept going! You can also see designs that start on the side or bottom of a foot and continues to the top. Foot tattoos come in a vast range of designs of birds , but we found this one to be a more original approach. Many people choose to do tribal tattoos on the arm or back, but this foot tattoo is a great option for the linear pattern!

Flowers full of grace These flowers are flourishing on the vine, and are a great addition to the calf. The flower seems to be emanating a wonderful scent. This quote urges observes to appreciate every fleeting moment they are granted.

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You can tattoo your feet with small animals like lizards, frogs or other animals. It can also be the symbol of Buddhist faith.

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