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Song-Writer Lite Song-Writer Lite is a simple, easy and user-friendly app that helps you in writing your lyrics. It only records what you sing into it to capture your melodic ideas.

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Please note: We respond to all email within 24hrs. Simple Songwriter Simple Songwriter is one of the best apps for beginners who love making songs. This way you can always find chords that sound great together. This is just the first version of Hum. It includes all the great features above and is available through an auto-renewing subscription. You can get this app for free on iTunes. Can Hum import my Voice Memos? Music Memos lets you sit down with your iPhone, tap the screen, and record music. Also, I wish I could choose the chords that I wanted to use for a particular song. It took me about as long to play it as to get it ready for sharing. You can also check the status of a sync in the Settings screen. The first line of the lyrics field is your title. But here, the song idea generator is somewhat different from other features. Not unless Apple changes their store policies. What happens to my library if my phone is lost or stolen?

Highlights: Available as an app and on the browser Organize documents into folders Pen and paper And before Google Docs, I wrote down lyrics like someone from the s. The app includes a notepad which you can use even in offline mode.

If you didn't receive a response please check your bulk e-mail or spam folders. This app comes with a notepad, normal dictionary, rhyming dictionary, a thesaurus, a voice recorder, and a song idea generator.

I just bought a new phone.

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This is why you need NEED a voice recording app. You can get this app on iTunes. After all, Hum is a great songwriting app which allows you to record and note down the lyrics at the same time. Apart from that, you can even access all the major scale suggestions. For example, Hum can show you all your sad ideas in the key of G that only have audio. Most of these apps are free and available for both Android and iOS devices. To do that, just click on the folder icon to start drafting your lyrics or start recording audio. Then press the settings gear at the bottom of this list. Can I request a feature? The app also gives you complete control and access to your songs and data from anywhere. This app comes with a notepad, normal dictionary, rhyming dictionary, a thesaurus, a voice recorder, and a song idea generator. Rhyme time provides a database of , plus words right at the top of your fingertips along with pronunciations and definitions. The same goes onto the next line until you finish writing. I want to send an audio file by SMS or email.

This app currently supports only Android-powered devices. Then, plug in your new phone.

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The recording feature enables you to record your voice with the help of phone inbuilt microphone which is attached to the part of your lyrics in the notepad. Lyric writing will never be the same. All the phrases are loaded from Pallettes.

Speaking of Roman numerals, it would be cool if I could choose to use them instead of just the Arabic numerals.

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