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This study intended to provide a new model of in-service training for the nursing staff. In maintaining health from the pediatrics perspective: Medication adherence is problematic for adolescents with chronic diseases. How do you determine if your patient and family are self-regulated learners? The teaching style I used was humanistic approach. Engagement and relationship in community support for Mental Health. Be sure to use the same kind of equipment the patient will be using at home. For small children, or those with delays, the first transition in care is from healthcare provider to family. A learner then uses other strategies to hang onto the information so it is accurate and available later. The goal is to achieve maximum functioning for the child. Self-Care Knowledge and Skills In patients with cognitive dysfunction, self-care skills must not only be thoroughly assessed, but the overall goal must be allowing and promoting as much safe independence as possible.

However, the body does experience changes as we age, and common issues for the elderly population include vision, hearing, and mobility see Figure 2. As in the pediatric population, the child begins to learn routines as part of care transition, so does the transition of care need to be brought back to the family of the elderly.

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This encourages greater mental involvement in the knowledge-gaining process. Patient may be agitated and combative, so safe handling is needed.

The education levels varied from Bachelor's to doctorate.

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Tools are needed for planning and organizing things like the daily routine and medication regimens Shen et al. Results: In the first stage, there were five major themes including unsuccessful mandatory education, empowering education, organizational challenges of education, poor educational management, and educational-occupational resiliency.

A family and caregiver assessment is a big part of any complete learning assessment, but here it becomes a crucial part in the planning of education and goal setting.

The child should be at the center of this activity, although the family needs special attention and education to become autonomous in caring for their child.

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Fourteen nurse colleagues with a wide array of teaching experiences in diabetes education, pediatrics, rehabilitation, neurology, general medicine, asthma education for children, pediatric special healthcare needs, and colostomy, urostomy, and ileostomy care voluntarily responded.

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