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The retailer is using staff at its Welwyn Garden City headquarters as guinea pigs for the service in a purpose-built Express convenience store on the site.

These moves indicate that this major UK grocer is undertaking its digital transformation as a combination of addressing the legacy issues in its back-end while also delivering ongoing innovations at the front-end that can plug into a more agile underlying IT infrastructure.

For more insight on the grocers' approach to retail technology, read the rest in our series 'Big Four under the microscope':. Meanwhile, the second demonstrates it is clearly taking note of the moves by innovators like Amazon and pro-actively reacting.

It has been said that the company wants to start using the digital space to its full potential by introducing multiple images, video content and some degree imagery has been considered for improving online and offline shopping and make it more visually appealing for the customer.

They wanted to discover if there was a simple way to educate customers about wine and to encourage wine exploration. The LED lights bring a sense of fun and theatre to proceedings. Tesco Technology are also committed to supporting our colleagues to manage work around their lifestyles offering flexible working hours, shared parental leave and great discounts at local nurseries.

They looked at possible solutions to the problem and worked through a process of innovation in order to create a prototype.

The Tesco chief executive, Dave Lewis, said the technology could be rolled out across the supermarket chain but there were important aspects to consider, including whether people would simply walk out without paying.

It allows the products to be automatically counted and removed upon entering and leaving the store, before and after purchase. Cutting out a visit to the till means Tesco can halve the time it takes for a customer to pay and leave the store to just 45 seconds. So if you want to be part of an incredible team and help revolutionise retail, Search And Apply for a vacancy today.

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The tasting notes in the app are brief and use keywords that will help users identify the types of wine they might like, the Speak-Easy effect.

Wherever, whenever and however they want to shop with Tesco.

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Technology in Tesco