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Japan is one nation who has revolutionized the auto industry through Toyota.

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The brand, represented by the three-pointed star, stands for the aspiration to deliver the best in terms of products, technology and services. See Article History Alternative Title: automobile industry Automotive industry, all those companies and activities involved in the manufacture of motor vehicles, including most components, such as engines and bodies, but excluding tires, batteries, and fuel.

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As competition increased, marketing strategies were necessary to gain market share and this made Toyota, Honda and Nissan to turn into naming ploy in order to sell luxury cars in the American market. The majority of those jobs are in supplier and related industries. One American company, Pierce, made birdcages, and another, Buick, made plumbing fixtures, including the first enameled cast-iron bathtub. The profile constitutes of industry's current employment, skill sets borne by its employees, government support and its environmental impact. Toyota produced fuel efficient cars at appoint when fuel was cheap, and all an average American was looking for was luxury, but fuel prices was increasing though by minimal proportions James The money that ford had from turnaround fund helped in the times of the crisis and it was the first one among the big three to bounce back to profitability in the last quarter of Substitutes are also very vital to be assumed, since they provide an immediate threat to the volume of sales and demand. Toyota, for example, launched 14 new engines between and , fully depreciating its engine facilities over six years. Political Factors A Environment Concerns: Leading to the quest for eco-friendly cars, people would prone to buy hybrid or even pure electric cars in the future.

The expansion of borders, products, ideologies, and companies has created a new global market and force companies to expand their horizon beyond domestic consumers.

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The U. Auto, Parts Makers Should Benefit. The American firms had also gone global, and were producing cars in different countries like China and Brazil by joining hands with the local automotive producers. In addition, Ford had earlier re-mortgaged all of its assets raising some capital which enabled it to continue production. The Japanese, on the other hand, have very efficient, flexible plants capable of producing several models and of adjusting to changes in the marketplace Womack et al. In the 20th century, the use of electricity for power was also briefly utilized. About 6. Numerous companies have come and gone throughout the history of the automobile. Just as the economic status effects industry, the industry itself has a tremendous effect on the economy Given below are the details of U. Long term planning is also an important strategy, as it helps in maintaining demand for a relatively long period of time. Each firm aims at increasing the number of units sold to increase its profits.

Political Factors A Environment Concerns: Leading to the quest for eco-friendly cars, people would prone to buy hybrid or even pure electric cars in the future. Although the industry is picking up now but still the current scenario looks way different than its prior booming years where the industry was well supported by government interventions, supply-base changes, and consumer driven adjustments affecting the complete value chain.

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Mass production The outstanding contribution of the automotive industry to technological advance was the introduction of full-scale mass productiona process combining precision, standardization, interchangeability, synchronization, and continuity.

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