The decolonisation of algeria essay

The decolonisation of Algeria also had negative implications for French politics. Annabel LaBrecque is an undergraduate student studying history and political science at the George Washington University.

There is still, however, much to be studied, written, and rewritten—a process that can only begin with education. French society also had to come to terms with the knowledge that their army had been using torture techniques against the Algerian opposition.

Much like Lazreg, the authors and editors of this volume delineated on the experiences of African women in the context of the social, political, and cultural pressures and opportunities to which they responded.

Without access to these markets, predominantly within Europe given its geographical proximity, the Algerian government was in need of new countries with which to trade.

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This new party was dissolved in One such country controlled by France —and my focus for the purposes of this essay- was Algeria. In depicting Algerian women as agents capable of organizing and executing violent acts, Pontecorvo broke with many of his European contemporaries.

Since the early s, the literature on Algerian women has continued to expand. This consequently meant that Algerians had to look for other ways to generate an income.

Having considered the effects of independence on Algeria and the loss of its empire on France, I can now conclude that I agree fully with the statement that decolonisation was a process of vast adaptation for both sides and not just the previously colonised countries. This loss of power and influence in the world did not sit well with the French population; they disliked the notion of being considered as weaker due to the loss of its empire.

Firstly, there was the collapse of the Fourth Republic which governed the French Empire at the time of the Algerian War.

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The Decolonisation of Algeria Essay Example