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But his commitment to conveying meaning and emotion through painstakingly constructed images also gives the movie a static, claustrophobic atmosphere. Too many transitions for their own sake.

Hopefully through time he'll be able to understand it and basically get where she is. Either way, it ends up offering the viewer a compelling climax and resolution. She makes Izzi a glowing figure in her brave performance of confronting death. The dying star of Xibalba is referenced in how the snow appears with the light on a sky window.

We cannot and should not forget The Fountain because it touches on the thing that makes life so precious — the knowledge that it ends.

They are the antithesis of Michael Bay films. The director serving, "We've seen it essay.

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Are you a fan? The lone cello, played alongside the conquistador that we eventually realize is Izzi, begins the film while a solitary piano ends it, representative of the finale of Tommy.

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Film: The fountain () Essay Example