The moral question of whether the death penalty is right or wrong

People commit murders largely in the heat of passion, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or because they are mentally ill, giving little or no thought to the possible consequences of their acts.

The history of capital punishment is replete with examples of botched executions.

capital punishment is right or wrong

A medical examiner reported the second dose was needed because the needles were incorrectly inserted through his veins and into the flesh in his arms. But the question is - is this true when it comes to violent crime?

After implementation of these Court-mandated procedures for death penalty cases, a number of empirical studies indicated continuing concerns and problems with the practice of capital punishment in America. Claims that each execution deters a certain number of murders have been thoroughly discredited by social science research.

Since capital punishment is not operated retributively, it is inappropriate to use retribution to justify capital punishment.

Age matters Not in every country, but in a fair few.

ethical theories capital punishment

We shouldn't be, but we are. This line of reasoning invokes the specter of discrimination in the institution of capital punishment. Executions are way down.

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Capital Punishment