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Cole identifies key functions of safety committees. This shows that staff understand that health and safety is a wide-ranging issue that matter to organization, labor force, and considers the safety of all other stakeholders as well. Encourage employees including supervisors and managers to have high expectations for safety. It clears that staff know that they are to protect well whiles performing their lawful duties to avoid accidents and injuries. In the past, organizations tended to get rid of troubled employees. This concern about safety incentives is that employees and managers do not report accidents and injuries so that they may collect the incentive reward. Interviewees practically demonstrated on other issues which were not covered by the questionnaire. Inadequate training on acceptance and compliance to safety and health measures also hinder its effectiveness. Ideas as to how accidents can be avoided should be solicited v. From figure 4. Providing safety equipment and guards on machinery, installing emergency switches, installing adequate ventilation, installing emergency switches, installing safety rails, keeping aisles clear, lighting, heating and air conditioning can all help make work environment safer.

Interviews were conducted with respondents in the sampled departments to acquire data for the research work. This makes economic sense for firms to ensure that there should be no limit to efforts to eliminate accidents and health hazard.

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These are: - Technical responses - this involves replacing or redesigning equipment, modifying physical work places and providing worker protection engineering controls. The questions in the questionnaire were close ended questions. Again, due to the fact that the period for the research is short to allow for adequate data collection on the subject, this could affect the outcome of the work.

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In recent years, however, cost considerations, unions and government legislation altered this approach. Making the work interesting Uninteresting work often leads to boredom, fatigue and stress, all of which can cause accidents.

Have employees attend and participate in these meetings as role players or instructors. Jewellery, clocks, watches and even vacation trips have been given as rewards for good safety records.

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