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We watch droplets race down the windshield, listen to the rain strike the roof of her little blue Honda, and feel the heater on full-blast rushing at our feet just the way we like it.

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Questions I told them to consider were: Does this sound like me? We think of documented battles of sacrifice, death, blood, and tears. Because not every student turned in a final copy, I printed additional copies of some completed essays to ensure every student had something to read during our gallery walk, instead of drawing attention to the two or three students who did not finish the assignment. They are here to learn from and we can all connect to their personal struggles and hope. We then go on in life never truly being aware of our surrounding revolutionaries; such as those who exist in our own personal lives. I believe in so much more than freedom of speech. When really, we are all just people, gay and straight, going to work, learning and growing from one another. We sit in the car, neither of us wanting to brave the rain to get to the house.

We all want to be Cinderella who gets swept off her feet by the hot prince; we want to live in the royal castle, right? Needless to say, my grandma was encouraged to downplay, not preserve her Chinese culture.

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Chevron shopping started like this: One day my mother suddenly realized that she had maxed out almost every credit card, and we needed groceries for the week. To me, I was just going to work at a place where I loved both the work and the people I worked with. Good tears, though. Although words have long been established, their conventional definitions leave us with meanings decomposed and never restored.

My generation learned in school that culture was something to celebrate and something necessarily foreign.

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If you have printed copies of the essays, distribute them to students to read aloud. I hated going to sleep knowing I had to wake up to another day. They are the women, displaced workers, activists, politicians, and artists.

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This I Believe: Voices of Youth