Tips on writing a book about your life

All you have to do is cross out the wrong words. Asking family and friends for ideas or details of a certain situation can give you a completely different perspective of the event or time in your life. So how did I do it — and what is my advice to those wishing to turn their life into a novel?

writing a book for the first time

Not just the book, but a paragraph. Certainly not your inner circle- or critics-first. What does it take to write a book?

This is not easy. As I say, whatever works. Write it in a way that makes it an entertaining read for yourself! You are the author; you are the publisher, so you are the one making all of the decisions sounds scary, huh?

Have you written a book, especially a memoir? The first thing I do every morning is a heavy edit and rewrite of whatever I wrote the day before.

i want someone to write a book about my life
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Writing: How To Turn Your Life Into A Novel