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Instead of joining another company, I decided to start a company that helps software engineers find a job! The truth of the matter is, iMarriages is a matrimony site and marriage is for life.

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You must write correct and attractive matrimonial profile description, which is very much compulsory to get maximum responses from other prospects. In the future, I would like to enrol in a college for a part-time course.

I am a Shah Rukh Khan fan and never miss any of his movies. I have been active in sports from childhood and even now participate in amateur track and field events.

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I have done well in my banking career and I believe it is time for me to settle down. I love eating seafood and try my hand in making some of my favourite preparations at home when I get a chance.

What kind of profile description or about me would be great enough to give you the maximum response?

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As I am going to write the most effective introduction possible, I will start by providing my name and where I am from. Every one of them thinks about me as fun and cheerful individual. About myself for matrimony — No parents I am a straightforward and sincere person with strong work ethics. I even drive around the town in my modified car. I married four years ago but ended my brief marriage due to differences in lifestyle. I live with my mom, father and younger brother. These samples will be useful if you would your personal situation is unique. If you are serious about finding a suitable life partner, you will make the effort to introduce yourself properly. Choosing good matrimonial profile photographs 5. I am a longtime practitioner of yoga and believe in leading a simple lifestyle. Setbacks in my life have made me stronger and I decided early on that I will work in the aviation sector. I additionally love to play my guitar. Click here to access 17 awesome tips to take a matrimonial profile photograph 3. So in here, we are with 5 matrimonial profile descriptions "About me in matrimony for bride", "About me in matrimony for groom".

I am a friendly person and I find it easy to strike up a conversation with complete strangers. He should be my best friend as well as husband.

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The only problem is that they are clueless about what their children want or how they could create an impactful marriage biodata. People search this term on google "about me in matrimony" and "about me for matrimony".

I love my job and intend to continue working after marriage. Choosing good matrimonial profile photographs 5.

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5 Matrimonial About Me Samples For Bride And Groom