Writing a football match report

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As a Sporting Club de Portugal supporter this experience was a dream come true from the meeting point to end. Try to add context, which might be general point about a team lacking ability in midfield, a specific fact from the match - eg that fans were chanting for the manager to be sacked or explaining what the result means in terms of the league table.

What Impact Have We Seen? And think about how long your report should be: if it's for a school newspaper, maybe find out how much space there will be and adjust your report accordingly.

Report on an exciting football match

They gave us a really nice suite for the presentations and the buffet afterwards was very very nice. What Impact Have We Seen? The seesaw encounter could have gone either way, but in the end the match finished in a draw, which ensured both teams went home happy. If not, keep an ear out for what they say to other journalists at press conferences etc. Media playback is unsupported on your device BBC presenter Sonali Shah gives her top tips for reporting on sport events and stories. All this information will help you when it comes to writing reports - making it more interesting than a list of "this happened, then that happened, then this other thing happened Is a young player being talked up as a candidate for his international team? It was my first experience of playing football at a professional stadium and it was absolutely incredible The Away team ran out winners in the end, but both teams contributed hugely towards making it a great experience for all involved. And check that you have everything you might need: a pen and paper, clipboard, batteries for any equipment you might be using cameras, dictaphones etc Find where you're sitting and get yourself set up. When children have completed their class-writing, they are welcome to come and take a booklet from the display and write. The whole experience was a pleasure, from signing up for the day to the organisation of shirts to the actual match day. Details like that help readers to understand the game much better.

They were then called into the change rooms to get ready for their rough encounter, with a Barker side who had actually beaten Waverley at home in round 4.

The seesaw encounter could have gone either way, but in the end the match finished in a draw, which ensured both teams went home happy. From the upfront communication through to the set up on the day it felt like a really well run operation.

writing a football match report

Not quite the result we were after against the Rest of the World side. One tried-and-tested method is to have a notepad and draw a line down the middle with the home team on one side and the away team on the other and jot things down whenever something of significance happened - in football, this would be goals, red and yellow cards, good chances, bad refereeing decisions etc.

Nothing undermines a report more than getting basic information wrong! A sharp increase in children taking writing home.

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How to Write a Football Match Report